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Jean Luc Leblanc - singer - entertainer - musician - Tenor - Quebec - Montreal - Toronto



Jean-Luc Leblanc is a remarkable, naturally gifted tenor who possesses an italianate voice of rare beauty. His deep rich sound and incredible vocal range and control captivate audiences and leave them breathless.

Jean-Luc's versatility as a singer shines through with his proficiency in opera arias, oratorios, classical and popular music. His repertoire includes haunting renditions of great material performed in French, English, Spanish, Latin and Italian, for which Jean-Luc is truly passionate. His live performance delivers a combination of expressive vocal styling and a dynamic stage presence. Jean-Luc's down-to-earth attitude, his charm, and his confidence delight audiences and fellow musicians alike.

Jean-Luc has performed in a variety of venues including the Kosciuszko Foundation auditorium in New York City, Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal, various corporate events, private in-your-home concerts, restaurants, as well as countless weddings and funerals. Jean-Luc speaks French and English, and some Italian.  Jean-Luc spent several months of each year from 2010 to 2015 singing in France, Italy and Spain, and was very well received by his audiences.   In 2019, Jean-Luc took to the stage at the Palais Montcalm in Quebec City, performing in his show called Les Romantiques which featured live saxophone (Pierre Dumont) and a repertoire of favourite romantic balads from the 60s to the 90s.  

  To date, Jean-Luc has self-produced 5 albums: "Andiamo" and "Amore e Musica", treasures for all Italian music lovers featuring some of the greatest opera arias.   "Noël" is a collection of well-known Christmas songs sung in 4 different languages.  And his most recent releases - ''Nostaligia Volume1'', and ''Nostalgia Volume 2'' - a  collection of favourite pop songs from yesteryear.

Jean-Luc was named as one of the 2010 winners of the Barry Alexander International Vocal Competition, in the category of Amateur Adult. Mr. Alexander communicated to Jean-Luc that "I truly feel you have all the makings of a world class singer."

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) Jean-Luc always knew he had a natural gift, but it wasn't until later in life that he discovered his calling as a lyric tenor and his passion for travel.


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